James Kendall
James Kendall
Director | Editor | Stage Manager

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James Kendall

Writing bios is hard, especially when you don't have an assistant. James Kendall (23), an Anchorage-based filmmaker, director, and editor, does a lot of his own assistant work.

Perfectionism is the name of his game. He’s been making short films since the age of 13, cutting his teeth making action movies with his friends and learning his craft from how-to internet videos and the cheapest film education program there is: watching lots of movies.

James founded Quick Dash Films in 2017 and has since directed notable works such as The Red Fox (2018), Wellaway (2018), and Dasher (2019). Wellaway won the “Best Made Film in Alaska” Jury's Prize Award at the 2018 Anchorage International Film Festival.

James is also a theatrical stage manager, having worked on student and professional productions in production management roles since 2017. After completing six years of service with the U.S. Army National Guard, he is expected to graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA in Theatre and a minor in French in the Fall of 2019. He’s excited to continue the pursuit of his dreams of working professionally in film and theatre, and one day reaching the ranks of those who have assistants that can write bios for him.

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