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Narrative Film Work

Below is a collection of my film credits with my production company, Quick Dash Films. All films are directed and edited by James Kendall.
See my film resumé here.


DASHER” - Comedy/thriller short film (2019)

Two bumbling, pet detectives Tommy (Evan Carson) and Abby (Devan Hawkins) are hired by a hitman (Rouslan Korenev) to find his irreplaceable, lost dog, Dasher.

wellaway” - COMEDY/THRILLER short film (2018)

Gideon (Ty Hewitt) is just going about his day when he's apprehended by medical professionals (Shelley Virginia, Rouslan Korenev, Jake Beauvais) and accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. Will the truth come out?

Official Selection at the Chandler International Film Festival 2019 and winner of “Best Made In Alaska” award at the Anchorage International Film Festival 2018.

The red fox” - crime/Dark comedy short film (2018)

Agent Stone has gotten himself in a tight spot. Will he prevail?

Quick Dash Aerobics” - short Dance video

A short dance video inspired by 80’s aerobics classics.
Excerpt from “Dasher” (2019).

The ByeCycle” - short comedy sketch

A short one-off comedy sketch about our hero trying to sell his byecycle (2017).

The Interview” - short comedy film

A short film/comedy sketch about an interview gone horribly, horribly wrong (2017).

The outfielder” - Short comedy sketch

A short film about the trials and tribulations of playing little league baseball as an outfielder (2015).